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List Of Disney Movies A-Z

List Of Disney Movies A-Z


Arthur Christmas (2011)







Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)







Open Season (2006)





The Smurfs 2 (2013)







15 Responses to "List Of Disney Movies A-Z"

  1. Sijtske says:
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  2. Sijtske says:

    There are a lot of films in this list who are not from Disney, maybe do some more research before you make a list?

  3. A lot of your server one movies don't work and some of server 2 have no sound

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  5. Unknown says:
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  6. It literally says non disney in the opening paragraph, Maybe do some more reading before you make a comment?

  7. Unknown says:

    I just want to say THANKS for your work, I really appreciate it.

  8. Why does it matter.... it's still free movies

  9. Love the site just can't watch any the movies on my smart TV or on the PS4 web browser... Have no issue with watching them on my cell tho just wish could game on my cell and watch some classics I grew up 2... O well off watch the great mouse detective while on my day I guess lol

  10. Mark Lani says:

    Thank you for putting this site together. You rock!!! Also sorry for all the negativity and rude comments from ungrateful people. When people bitch about things when it's absolutely free, they are truly ungrateful individuals.

  11. Unknown says:

    This site is AMAZING thank you for building it

  12. lonlytone says:

    much love, appreciate more each time I come through!!

  13. Love the list, true there are not all Disney but oh well, I would like to see some more Disney Channel original movies on here and for some of the series' to be completed for example The Cheetah Girls and Halloweentown

  14. Hercules and Xena did not work.

  15. wait how do i get permission. . .

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